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The Centre is located within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and works in close association with the Department of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Through its cooperation with other Departments and Research Centres of the University, it develops an active interdisciplinary research culture. It is home to a number of postgraduate research students from different parts of the world.

Appropriately qualified researchers and students can register for the MA, MPhil or PhD degrees under the supervision of the Centre either on-site or off-site. It is important to know that these are research degrees. As such, they do not involve either semester course work or comprehensive exams (as in many other European and North American institutions). Instead, all registered students can immediately start their research right from the beginning and carry it under supervision.

Those research students, who have opted for off-site supervision, will come to Hope Park Campus, attend the annual Summer School for acquiring and demonstrating appropriate competencies, and participate in the Annual Conference. Currently, postgraduate research students from Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States are enrolled in our off-site supervision program. Since 2008, five research students have successfully defended their theses and obtained their doctoral degrees.

For further details on admission requirements and research possibilities, contact Professor Daniel Jeyaraj, the Director of this Center (

If you wish to donate literature or know someone whom we can contact for literature, please inform Professors Andrew Walls ( or Daniel Jeyaraj ( We welcome you to see and make use of our collections.


Standing academic programmes

Doctoral Degree programme

In the changed Christian demography, in which more Christians are now living in the Global South, new descriptors of Christianity are emerging. The older categories, centred on Europe and North America, are still there, but their values continue to decline. Christian events and developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific provide fresh intellectual, theological and cultural influences. Our doctoral researchers examine select aspects of these and other happenings within the life situations of Christians, come up with new findings and enrich the polycentric and multi-cultural aspects of contemporary World Christianity.

The past cohort of doctoral researchers have explored how West African and Asian Christians in West Africa, Britain and the United States theologically and intellectually dealt with necessity of inculturating rites of passage, gender roles, the place of ancestors in church activities, Christian-Muslim relationships and diaspora challenges. The current cohort of students hailing from Hong Kong, Singapore, Tanzania, Myanmar and the United States explore the impact of select Christian leaders, political theology, Hindu-Christian dialogue, inculturation, and the like.

The Centre offers supervision for admitted students, who are either full-time or part-time, who may choose to live in Liverpool or in the places of their current work. The students under distance supervision must personally participate in the Summer School and successfully complete all requirements regarding skills and competencies.

For initial enquiries on doctoral degrees and admission procedures, contact Prof. Daniel Jeyaraj via email

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Master's Degree in African Christianity

The Centre is delighted to offer MA in African Christianity from January 2019. The students engage with the growth of Christianity in sub-Saharan Africa and the establishment of African Christian diasporic communities in Europe, North America and other countries outside Africa. Particularly, they investigate the historical, cultural and theological dimensions of thoughts and experiences that African peoples, Christians and non-Christians alike, both within Africa itself and in the diaspora have made and are still making. Simultaneously, the students will gain necessary higher-level skills to intelligently and responsibly analyse the multifaceted realities of Christian life in contemporary Africa and diasporic settings. On successful completion, they will have the possibility to begin a PhD study in this field. The resource materials at the Centre can support students of African Christianity at master’s and doctoral levels.

For initial inquires on Masters in African Christianity and admission procedures, contact Dr. Harvey Kwiyani via email

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