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Aims and objectives

Our Centre has a number of aims and objectives. We:

a) Foster cross-cultural learning in mission studies through mutual encounters between Christians from the global south and north.

b) Offer fresh readings of Euro-American mission literature and by listening to the voices from the churches of Africa and Asia.

c) Train scholars to study various aspects of African and Asian Christianity at MA, MPhil. and PhD levels. For information and opportunities for study and research in these fields, please contact Prof. Daniel Jeyaraj (

d) Explore the place of Africa and Asia within World Christianity by organizing conferences, lectures, workshops,consultations, summer schools, publications, Bible Studies, and Study Tours.

e) Facilitate networking of scholars, students and centres in World Christianity in different parts of the world.

f) Develop collaborative research on national and international level.

g) Enlist Visiting Fellows of the Centre to help promote its activities.

h) Collect religious literature – scholarly and popular, mainstream and marginal, official and informal, periodicals and pamphlets – pertaining to African and Asian Christianity.